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This is Spaced360.

A new dimension of mind-blowing, spine-tinging, fully immersive music. Innovative British audio engineering, elegantly designed and beautifully engineered.

Spaced is here. Experience the next generation of sound.

Right Here, Right Now

Make your music social again. Bring your music to the centre of your world.

With Spaced360 you and your friends can lose yourselves in ultra-pure 360º sound wherever you are.

Just Add Music

Spaced360 connects with Bluetooth® and NFC devices in a flash. Pair your phone, tablet or computer and your music is on. No wires. No worries.

360° Design

Spaced360 was crafted by our in-house Tonmeister (=sound genius) working seamlessly with world class Design Studio Nuovo; creators of some of the most iconic consumer-electronics products ever made. Design Studio Nuovo

Patented airSOUND™ Technology

Innovative thinking, class leading technology + the best in British audio engineering = airSOUND™. airSOUND™ is to music what 3D is to movies. Liberating the true detail locked in your music, this pioneering technology will wrap you in a 360º spine-tingling sweet spot.

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